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Scott Turner Sorted out Our Accident

My mother was injured in a multi-car accident. There were so many different vehicles involved that it was very difficult to figure out who was doing what or how to assign responsibility. The different insurance companies didn’t seem to be able to sort out exactly what happened, and we needed resolution so that my mother’s medical bills could be settled.

After months of working on this situation ourselves, we retained the services of an attorney. He recommended that we engage the services of an accident reconstruction expert. In fact, he contacted all the attorneys involved, and they all agreed that the only way this would be reasonably resolved was with an unbiased expert taking a look at the case. So collectively we hired Scott Turner.

Scott Turner impressed me because he did a lot more listening than talking. He asked a lot of questions and looked at all the reports. He seemed to have a knack for communicating with each person in their own language. As a result, he was soon able to provide a big-picture break down of what had happened.

When Mr. Turner spoke to the insurance companies and the lawyers, I didn’t understand a lot of the conversation. But I did understand the offer my mother was made to settle her claim later that day. I know that it was Mr. Turner who brought clarity to the situation so a fair solution could be found.

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