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Purchasing Car Upholstery Repair Kits

My co-worker told me that her husband recently purchased a car at an auto auction. The car was in great shape and had very low mileage. The body of the car was spotless, and the interior was just as clean. The only imperfection on the inside of the car was a small hole in the upholstery. Fixing the hole would not be a problem because my co-worker recently purchased a car upholstery repair kit from an online automotive store. My co-worker told me that after she used this product on an upholstered chair in her living room, the hole was virtually undetectable.

The hole in the car upholstery was moderately sized, but was in an inconspicuous spot of the seat. Using the car upholstery repair kit, the husband carefully matched a swatch of cloth to the upholstery and followed the packaging directions. To his surprise, the hole was repaired and the upholstery looked almost “showroom” new. In addition to using the upholstery kit on their living room furniture and car seats, the couple use the kit on office furniture, decorative pillows, and even a bedspread that sustained a tear. The price of the kit was very reasonable, and my co-worker plans on ordering a couple more to give to her parents.

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